a better way of working

Are you interested in improving your personal and organisational effectiveness?

  • Better and easier decision making
  • Improve communication and team work
  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Drive out waste
  • Add greater value
  • Develop life-long learning
  • Create a culture of innovation and improvement
  • Build a customer-focused learning organisation

You don’t have to be ‘the boss’ to be a leader.  Guided by the right knowledge, anyone can become a leader.  We call this knowledge Leadership for Transformation.

How you react to situations, and the decisions you then make, are direct results of how you think about what you perceive. The 4GM Leadership for Transformation programme is about altering your perceptions and improving your thinking processes so that your behaviour and decisions become more effective.

This programme has evolved from over 25 years of study, practical application and development of the principles of 4th Generation Management (4GM).  I have helped thousands of people in dozens of organisations around the world to understand and successfully apply these principles. Now, I am able to share them with you.

Paul Hollingworth


 “Paul  Hollingworth has developed a remarkable ability to investigate the needs of a business at the leadership level and then provide the means to improve in terms of forward strategy, training and coaching. During my association with Paul in several organisations over the last two decades this approach has produced exceptional results time and time again”

JA Winlow MBE