The Author

Paul Hollingworth AuthorAs a highly motivated systems thinker, Paul Hollingworth has an exemplary international reputation as a facilitator, consultant and executive coach. A specialist in performance improvement and organisational development, he is a teacher, writer and public speaker on the subjects of Leadership, Organisational Transformation, Economic Quality, Continual Improvement and Lean Thinking. Trained originally as an Industrial Engineer, following Paul’s career as a senior manager and internal consultant in the Finance Sector, he founded 4GM Consulting in 1992.

Since then, Professor Hollingworth has been involved in teaching thousands of managers to understand and successfully apply the principles of Fourth Generation Management across a diverse range of private and public sector organisations.

Specialising in strategic development, Paul works with boards of directors, governing bodies and management teams. By using leading edge systems thinking which changes their ways of managing, Paul helps them build high performance, customer-focused learning organisations.

With almost 40 year’s experience in the business of improvement, Paul is uniquely qualified to distil all that learning into the 4GM e-Academy programme Leadership for Transformation.

“We can see real profit benefit. In both our offices and factories quality and productivity are continually improving and waste is reducing. Paul Hollingworth has helped us increase our effectiveness and achieve a positive change in our culture. There is no doubt about it – Fourth Generation Management works.”
DG Holden, CEO, Marshalls Plc