We have helped a wide range of clients in almost every sector to discover a better way of working, driving out waste and gaining significant improvement in quality, productivity and service effectiveness.

But don’t just take our word for it….

I Macdougal, Group Operations Director, Marshalls Plc

“From Corporate Planning and leadership coaching to shop floor training and improvement projects, Paul Hollingworth’s contribution has had a significant impact on almost every aspect of our operations.
At three major sites we have seen
· 31% Increase in Productivity
· 32% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction
· 53% Reduction in Accidents
· Won Investors In People with a record level of improvement
· Won Two National Training Awards
One project, on its own, delivered bottom line savings in excess of £100,000 PA. I recommend Paul Hollingworth to anyone looking for a cost-effective no-nonsense approach to business improvement.”

DG Holden, CEO Landscape Products, Marshalls Plc

“We can see real profit benefit. In both our offices and factories quality and productivity are continually improving and waste is reducing. Paul Hollingworth has helped us increase our effectiveness and achieve a positive change in our culture. There is no doubt about it – Fourth Generation Management works.”

G Sabin, Managing Director, Polypipe Civils Ltd

“There are no simple solutions to changing organisations and Paul Hollingworth certainly does not give you an easy ride. His technique is to challenge your assumptions and his questions force you to consider things that you might usually overlook or be reluctant to challenge. Though he made my board sweat pulling the strategic plan together, the end has more than justified the means. Over the last 18 months the plan has unfolded like clockwork and already produced impressive results. I’m delighted with the work Paul and his team have done for us and happy to recommend him to anyone serious about transforming their organisation.”

AR Dix FCIPS, Managing Director, Stonemarket Ltd

“For down-to-earth advice on improving business performance I’d go first to Paul Hollingworth, he talks a lot of sense.  Right from our first meeting, when Paul introduced me to Fourth Generation Management, he caused a step-change in my thinking about the best way to run a company. His knowledge, practical experience and ability has contributed much to our success at Stonemarket and I’m pleased to recommend him.”

C Linacre, Executive Director, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Paul Hollingworth was engaged to raise our knowledge of ‘Lean’, to create confidence to challenge traditional thinking about system flow rather than crude utilisation, and also to plan an approach that has served us well. In addition to small group coaching, Paul fronted 2 large scale events attended by senior managers, doctors, nurses and other health professionals all highly motivated but equally sceptical about meeting the 18 Week target. In a totally unreasonably short period of time he introduced ‘Lean’ into their minds and has done it in a way that has stuck and has brought many improvements. The work is far from completed but Paul has given us a very strong basis from which to work towards sustained system improvement to not only meet this challenge but to go beyond it.”

S Carr, Director, Henry Boot Construction UK

“Paul Hollingworth has worked closely with our board of directors developing both the business plan and our mission and value statement. He has also implemented the training plan, which over the last year has aided our journey through collaborative working and lean construction issues. Paul’s guidance has been invaluable.”

R Martin-Fagg, Director, Henley Management College

“Paul Hollingworth has worked with us for six years on a two week strategic management programme tailored to deliver objectives set by the client, Lloyds-TSB. It is a difficult area of strategic management to teach in a short space of time, but Paul does it well, and the feedback we get encourages us. Paul is totally reliable, always well prepared, and flexible, responding quickly to client driven requests. The key messages from his sessions are always remembered.

P Norrington, Director of People Development , UPM-Kymmene Corporation

“This is not another management ‘fad’. Paul Hollingworth has helped us to understand and apply the principles of Fourth Generation Management. This affects every decision we make. We have seen remarkable improvements in many areas, across the whole organisation.”

R Adsett, Community Economic Development Manager, City of Bradford Met. Council

“Conventional wisdom would suggest that 4GM Consulting promise the unachievable. However, Paul Hollingworth has abandoned much of what we understand as ‘conventional wisdom’ and I’m sure that this is how he delivered such outstanding results for us.”

A Ross, National Customer Service Manager, NHS Supply Chain

“I have known Paul Hollingworth professionally for the last 16 years, his profound insight and depth of knowledge around continual improvement and organisational transformation is second to none. Paul has the ability to work strategically with the senior management as easily as working with the people on the shop floor. He has transformed all the previous organisations I have worked within, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any organisation.”