Book 2

The 4GM Transformation Road Map

In any enterprise the visible results are like the tip of an iceberg. What is hidden beneath the surface is the way we manage our assets and resources and this, quite literally, affects everything else.

In this multi-touch book we will first consider the factors that are important for the sustainability of any organisation.  What is it that makes an enterprise viable? Resilient? Successful? The notion that a business has to satisfy its customers to make a profit is nothing new, but merely satisfying customers is not enough. Plus, if we focus only on the goal of profit making, we run the risk of subordinating other vital objectives to the profit mission. Only by focusing on how to create value for our customers can we develop a truly customer-focused system and by building in the right feedback mechanisms, we can learn how to make it better.

The second part of this book sets out what must be done to transform your organisation into an effective, customer-focused learning system. Developed over 20 years by 4GM Consulting, and unique to this programme,  the 4GM Transformation Roadmap is a decomposition of the activities that deliver sustainable success.

A geographical map is a collection of nouns and symbols which stand for the territory but does not offer a route. Likewise, the 4GM Transformation Roadmap represents the issues that must be addressed and the relationships between them, but it does not offer a route. You have to figure that out for yourself, because every situation is unique. The rest of the Leadership for Transformation programme will guide you.

Throughout this multi-touch book there are exercises, quizzes, diagrams and thinking points to help you get to grips with these ideas.

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