Book 3

What sort of problem are we dealing with?

  • Have you ever wondered why so many ‘best practice’ programmes and ‘benchmarking visits’ fail?
  • Why is it some problems are easy to solve, yet others never seem to stay fixed?
  • Why is it that after implementing some solutions we find so many unintended consequences that we might have been better leaving things alone?

In this book you will find the answers to these questions and discover what to do instead!

If you want to improve something, you have to change it, but just because you have changed something does not necessarily mean it is improved. All it takes to change things is the authority, but if you want to improve something, you need insight: what to change, by what method and when? Rather than dive into how to improve things, in this book we are going to step back and deal with something more fundamental. What sort of problem are we dealing with?

In book 3, you will learn how to recognize the type of problems you are faced with so that you will be able to develop responses that are appropriate. You will learn how to be more affective in fixing some kinds of problems and more efficient at dealing with others. Crucially, you will also learn how to spot snake oil and silver bullet solutions before committing to them!

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