The Leadership for Transformation Programme is only available from the Apple iBookstore and can only be read using an iPad (or Mac running OS X Mavericks). This is because of the enhanced multi-media content and iBook multi touch features which, as yet, will not run on any other tablet / platform. The 4GM e-Academy books are not like the majority of the books available for iPad. Most publishers create iBooks that are Kindle-like versions of ordinary text-dense books and do not take advantage of the excellent multi-media and interactive multi-touch features of the iPad.  ALL our books give the user a rich learning experience and have been specifically designed to  appeal to people that do not like reading books or do not easily learn by reading. Once you open the store in iBooks, there are three ways you can check to see if the books you are considering for download are likely to be basic text-dense books or are enhanced with interactive materials. First in the bookstore, look at the screen shots, if any. If the publisher has provided example pages which are just full of text, it is reasonable to expect that the rest of the book is no different. enhanced The second check is to look beneath the cover art for the ENHANCED panel, as shown here. This will tell you if the book contains video and other interactive material. Screenshot 2013-11-26 18.12.49 You should also find this symbol on the right side of your screen.   So what do I get for my money? The best way to find out is by downloading a free sample, but a simple check is to look for the INFORMATION panel, which you will find at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. informationHere you will find ‘number of pages’ and size. Any book larger than 100Mb will have a reasonable quantity of multimedia content.  Most of our books are bigger than that – which is another reason why we have delivered the programme in manageable chunks. Also, our books are generally less than 30 pages long because of the interactive content. We think it best  to keep the lessons clear and to the point. It is not uncommon to find other publishers selling text-dense books on the bookstore at 300 pages long and only 1.5Mb.  That is ten times as many pages, but only one tenth the size.  Certainly a book like that is a lot easier to carry around on an iPad, but is it easier to read? On the iBookstore you can find out more about each book and download a free sample, without obligation.  The first two books (beginning with the Introduction, Book 0) are free to download. The rest are inexpensive and you need only purchase the ones that you are interested in. The link below will take you to a web page  where you will find links to all the e-Academy books currently available. You will find information about individual books in the drop-down menu under the download link you clicked to reach this page. If you have any comments or questions about the programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ link, where you can also sign up to be notified when new books are published. Download_on_the_iBookstore_Badge_NO LINK