The Programme

The Leadership for Transformation programme is a learning system comprising 24 iBooks (including book 0 Introduction). All the iBooks are designed to appeal to people with a wide range of preferred learning styles and do not depend on dense sections of text. These books make full use of the multi-touch iBook features to create interactive learning environment on your iPad. Using a mixture of concepts, theory, practical techniques and ideas for application, the programme aims to guide you through personal transformation and support you in taking your organisation to the next level.

Please check out our videos in the media tab for a preview of the iBook content. These are not like other eBooks! It is for this reason that, currently, they are only available from the Apple iBookstore, and will only function on an iPad (or Mac running OS X Mavericks).

The final two books deliver a practical, proven methodology for developing a business transformation strategy and a prioritised deployment plan. However, the quality of the outcome (strategy and plan) depends upon the quality of thinking that goes into its development. The purpose of the programme, is to develop your 4th Generation Management thinking and world view. Quite literally, this programme will help you to discover a better way of working.

The Leadership for Transformation programme has been designed with the intent that you can approach it in whatever way works best for you. Ideally, you will start at the beginning and work sequentially through to the end. Each book introduces new ideas which build upon the previous books. Each book also has independent value, so if you just wish to learn more about a specific topics you can chose only those iBooks that take your fancy. Needless to say this approach will not provide the same benefit as taking the entire programme, which is roughly equal to about 5 full days of training. Details of the programme content are provided in Book 0, the Introduction.

The most important aspect of this programme is not the time you spend studying the individual iBooks, but the connections that you make between them. This is why the programme is a learning system: your deeper learning emerges from these connections. The reasons for this will be fully explained in Book 1, The Tetrad.

The first two books in the programme are completely free to download. This will give you the opportunity to experience this great new way of learning, at no cost.SoPK image

“New knowledge must come from the outside, and by invitation.”
Dr W Edwards Deming