Why iBooks?

There have been many books written about leadership, personal and organisational transformation. However, in my work I have met relatively few people who read as avidly as I do.  Most people do not prefer to learn by reading books. For this reason I have always been reluctant to write yet another ‘folding’ book on Leadership.

My work thus far has been mostly hands on and face to face, a constraint which has often frustrated me! However, the multi-touch iBook platform now provides the perfect opportunity for me to make this knowledge available to anyone with an iPad, anywhere in the world.

These are unlike other eBooks!  The innovative iBook format allows me to keep the written work in bite sized chunks, and to integrate different ways of learning; videos, slideshow presentations, animations, interactive diagrams, charts and interactive questions, all of which make full use of colour. I aim to provide you with a stimulating multi-media learning experience on your iPad which takes you progressively through the process of personal transformation and equips you with the know-how required to apply this knowledge to help your organisation.

The first two books in the programme are completely free to download to your iPad, by using the iBookstore link below. This will give you the opportunity to experience this great new way of learning, at no cost.

Even in these two free books, you may find that some content challenges your understanding about the way things work.  For example, techniques such as targets and bonuses, commonly used with the intent to incentivise and engage people. These are taken ‘as a given’ and seldom challenged – even though there is no scientific evidence that they are effective. Worst still, they are at the root of much of the decline in Western economies.  Most business schools still teach these ideas as the way management is done today (what we call 3rd Generation Management). In the 4GM e-Academy you will learn the way business should be done – how it is practiced in the world’s most successful companies.

Open your mind, and discover a better way of working.

“The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth, the continents and the oceans was not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge”
Daniel J Boorstin